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storebrand cookies are actually great

August 24, 2010 - 7:55 pm 22 Comments

i’m responsible for desserts at a gathering-type event this saturday. responsibility is a disconcerting concept on its own, but i’m accountable for desserts here. desserts.

dessert = awesome stuff = i’m responsible for awesome stuff. QED by the transitive axiom of equality. i’m fully aware that this is why we should value mathematics.

let it be known that in life, i don’t usually follow rules and guidelines too faithfully because 1) spontaneity is the spice of life and 2) it’s easier my way. so in baking world, impulsively choosing to follow or not follow the recipe is not the greatest recourse if making something digestible is the goal. which, yeah, it is because digestibility = awesome stuff. and since i’m unbelievably prone to misfortune and mistakes, i decided to do a trial run so that come saturday night i don’t have to rush to a nearby grocery store for storebrand chocolate chip cookies because i’m pretty sure that if i leave this to the last minute, there’s a high probability that i’ll just manage to burn sugar, and i’m above serving burnt sugar.

recipes i tried yesterday were for cheesecake and cappuccino crunch bars, both of which i would recommend if you like cheesecake and bars of sugar. i will admit that my friend did most of the work, and my only major contribution was deciding that sifting flour can’t be that important, so there was no sifting of flour (which i actually think might be marginally important). my next major contribution was letting the cappuccino bars cool for about forty minutes instead of refrigerating for several hours, which just made things very gooey… probably because it didn’t cool.

but i wanted to eat them.

this is a bowl of granulated sugar and multiple sticks of butter.

this a bowl of granulated sugar and multiple sticks of butter with a crapload of brown sugar added on top of it. so, yeah, i was pretty disgusted while making this, because i was just staring at a bowl with several cups of sugar and sticks of butter. but then it became delicious, and my appetite decided that heart attacks are overrated.

this is the cheesecake, naked. i think eventually there will be some form of chocolate on top because chocolate wins. i don’t know, or maybe sliced fruit will make the fact that it’s essentially cream cheese + butter less artery-clogging-inducing?

waiting, expecting, and holding

August 22, 2010 - 10:43 am 15 Comments

hi KENG, friend who has returned to the world of the web! definitely drop her a visit if you fancy entertainment and cheer and whatever else it is that we claim to do in our blogs (…dance? yeah, she dances in her blog).

just to clarify, i don’t do dance.

lately, i’ve been working on soaking up the abating remainders of summer – which is hard work, trust me – but today i woke up towards cloudy skies and a raining outdoors, and it’s like the weather was demanding a lazy sunday. so NO, i will not do laundry today because cleanliness wasn’t meant to be – as per the decision of the clouds, of course. who am i to say no to the weather?

i have about a week until i revisit university life (or it revisits me, rather, because which one of us asked for class to start september 1st?). but right now, i most look forward to walking to class on fallen leaves in brisk nights with crisp air, where i can finally enjoy, again, the idea of hot coffee and warm soup, of hot cider and hot chocolate, and of all other warm liquids that promise to, and strangely enough, succeed, in warming my body and my core. it’s something that comes once every year: that feeling, and those moments – and they don’t ever fail me.

i can’t wait until a winter day, on a sunday morning, where i wake up and see taxed gray clouds waterlogging all that’s outside, and i decide to roll over, and sink further back in the comforter as well as in my slumber, because i’m cozy and secure where i already am.