be nice… to… children?

August 16, 2010 - 9:27 pm 13 Comments

i went to a park today because i promised my friend that there’s a petting zoo next to said park and that we would pet animals. although there was a farm nearby, a sign next to the entrance warned us not to feed or pet the animals inside. so. um…

maybe in my memory i just remember touching the animals.

as wrong as that may be.

today, we trekked through woods in casual clothes and open-toed shoes, while many a runner and other sporty types did their thing. there was also a man with hiking poles, which was definitely more out of place than i was because he was next to a very large, very paved, main road at the time.

very flat.

nice try, dude (i think he was around sixty years of age and maybe they were walking aids, but i already said they were for hiking, so there).

eventually we stopped at the playground because there was this peculiar swing that was just a large dish, and there were all these kids piled onto it, and what was bound to be somebody’s parent was pushing them, and it just looked so much fun. and after waiting politely after at least fifteen kids went on it (jesus christ, why isn’t there school in the summer??), my friend and i swung for about three minutes until this kid on a nearby bench told us, rather discourteously, “i’m waiting for the swing.” so like the good adults we pretended to be, we stopped the swing, let him climb on, and eyed him menacingly from another bench because what the hell, that was our swing.

he so did not swing as high as we did. silly six year-old boy whose feet could not touch the ground. i laugh at you.

oh, and on a separate note, once i saw this, guess what i did.

damn straight.

i don’t know how we used to play on playgrounds as children because a lot of the things are freaking scary now, including the jungle gym. it’s so highly elevated that the altitude is probably really dangerous for proper breathing… and falling would hurt a lot. what’s more, it’s like you need to know axiomatic geometry to navigate through that big rope ball. i just don’t know how i survived as a kid. oh, right. it’s because i was so. fearsome.

actually, i don’t think that’s the right word.

these pictures are to prove the massive heights i conquered. you can see the truth now.

jungle gym 1jungle gym 2

13 Responses to “be nice… to… children?”

  1. Colette Says:

    Ha! Nice picture! I myself never really enjoyed playgrounds as a child because I was 1) scared of the heights 2) scared to fall and break something (although i had no problem climbing in stuffs) so yeah…

    My internet is back ^_^ I put up a new layout this morning and now i think i should reorganize a little my website, make it more visitors friendly :)

    How was your weekend?

  2. Carissa Says:

    Yeah, for the most part things go pretty well. It’s impossible for things to go perfectly, but I handle fairly well. :) The only big problem is that I lost my free insurance in May because I turned 19, so now I have to pay for my prescriptions out of pocket even though I don’t have a job. :/

    Oh, wow. I would have done the same thing in giving up the swing, but that’s rude. Kids need to learn how to wait. :P

    HOLY CRAP, that jungle gym looks fun. :D

  3. Krystal Says:

    I love playgrounds! I use to play in them all the time. I use to find them really scary because they were big compare to me. It isn’t as scary now. That thing (whatever its called) looks really scary! I’ll most likely get stuck inside somewhere and tangle myself!

    Can’t believe you climbed to the top, crazy girl :P

  4. Asmiya Says:

    I never used to go to playgrounds much when I was younger. We always have lived in an apartment and there were no playgrounds nearby. Now when I see them I feel like joining the kids. :P

    Too bad you couldn’t stay on the swing for too long. Silly, rude six-year-old. ;)

    Haha yay for climbing up the jungle gym! :D

    Yeah, I’m sure I’ll miss my school teachers too when I’m older. Haha I only hate them when I work. XD I do have a really nice relationship with some of my teachers. Other teachers are just mean. :P I agree, these ase are really fun times. I’ll be sad to graduate from this school.

  5. Georgina Says:

    LOLOLL I’ve been on one of those big isometric ball jungle gym things. It was so fun. My boyfriend took a photo of me just sitting near the bottom. I think it was so fun but I too also worried about the kids getting up to the top because it honestly seemed really high. But I think because of the ropes everywhere and stuff, they were considered pretty much safe.

    Kids annoy me sometimes. Just because we’re older doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. I work in an education centre with kids; I know how rude and ridiculous they can be too. :| Sometimes I feel like they ruin all the fun. ._.

  6. Chiui Says:

    congratulations on owning that geometric plaything. honestly ive never tried it D: yeahbut i hate playgrounds not because it’s full of children. i hate it because when i use the swing, some kid’s parent will always ask me to get my ass off it because their child wants to use it. damn.

  7. Minna Says:

    Haha thank God we didn’t have one of those things over here when I was a kid, I would so not be alive then! I climbed trees instead. Good huh? :-)

    I can picture you eyeballing that kid. Haha, you can cheer anyone up ;-)

  8. Tina Says:

    That thing looks complicated.

    The courtesy on the playground here where I live (when I was young) was that you could use the swings until you’re tired or if there’s a line with four children or more. :D I would give that rude kid my swing too, but I’d give him an accusing glare.

    Yes, I have my Mom and a Thai classmate to practice it with. :)

  9. Schuylar Says:

    You survived that, o: . Oh dang, xD. Haha, I was never able to play on one of those things — or anything similar to that — as a kid. I was afraid of the holes and falling down and hurting myself, >.<. And I'm still scared to go on them! |: . Even if they did/do look somewhat fun, o: .

    I’ve heard of True Blood, :D. Some of my friends say it’s awesome, but I never had the time to look it up on Google and see what the show’s about, xD. Wait . . . It is a show right? 0.o. Lol! :p.

    Science fiction usually bores me to death, ;p. Unless the plot to the book/movie is really interesting but isn’t too “science-y”, because then I’d just get plain confused and give up any attempt of reading through the book/sitting through the movie, ^_^. But I’ll check it out — later, :p. Hehe. I need to focus on finishing the books that I’ve started (which is 4, 0.o.) first. I’d start it, then not finish it for awhile. It’s a bad habit, in my opinion, xD.

  10. Courtney Says:

    Sounds like so much. Gosh, I love how you can make such an ordinary day so real and funny with your writing! You are AWESOME!

  11. Kitty Says:

    Sorry you couldn’t stay long at the swing. That boy must be some kid who are used to have things go by his way. Urgh. What do parents teach their kids these days anyway?
    I loved going to the playground when I was small. But I never tried the geometric plaything. I am mildly acrophobic and sometimes I get vertigo when I’m at a higher altitude. But congrats to you for owning that geometric thing! :-)

    Yeah, not every people who are born under a certain astrological signs have the said traits. A Piscean may have a Gemini’s trait and vice versa. A lot of these horoscope readings are so vague, one can make a lot of assumptions and think it is right. Much like the Nostradamus, you know? It really depends on how one interprets the words.

  12. Meredith Says:

    It sucks you couldn’t pet the animals :( At least you know for next time!

    I’m (still) always way too scared to go on things like that. When I get close to the top, I’m afraid that I’ll either fall off, or won’t be able to get down at all. Sometimes, people have to help me down :P haha

    I probably would agree that change is the only constant in life. And i hate change. It probably does help a lot to get hurt & fail & learn from those things.. but it doesn’t help in the MOMENT, y’know? It doesn’t help when you’re feeling like you’ll never be happy or anything, even if you know you will be.

    Whatever. I just watched eat pray love, and it was oddly inspirational. I almost want to go and buy the book tomorrow, haha.

  13. Shelly Says:

    JUNGLE GYMMMM ahhh I loved going to the playground when I was younger. Before the neighborhood I grew up in got ridiculously sketchy and children weren’t allowed to go to playgrounds anymore. =/ There’s a cement slide in a park here in Berkeley that is AMAZING. It sounds like it hurts but the cement is sooo smoothed down its like sliding down marble. All you need is a thick pair of jeans or a piece of cardboard to sit on while sliding down. It’s sooo fun. =] Although the slide is technically only for “young children”….whatevv. I’m a young child at heart. haha