why don’t we use phones for talking??

August 17, 2010 - 10:42 pm 15 Comments

today i was trying to make plans by sending this text to one of my friends, who we can refer to as persontextwassupposedtogo. or PTWSTG. (those people are right, acronyms make life so much easier) the other person involved can be WRONG PERSON. no acronym needed.

how do you feel about beach with WRONG PERSON? ha. remember you can say no!

and i then went about with my business when i got this text back:

ummm… think that was supposed to go to PTWSTG

aw, come on. i seriously sent that text about wrong person to wrong person? in reality, i don’t think what i said was that awful, but it definitely could have been… nicer. wrong person had called me earlier instructing me to see if PTWSTG wanted to hang out with us, so he was game for including her, but any views about having me there have probably shifted since seeing that sketch invitation… ugh. i’m so silly.

15 Responses to “why don’t we use phones for talking??”

  1. Shur Says:

    Lmao well that just messed with my mind even more than Inception did.

  2. Courtney Says:

    le sigh. It’s a tough life. :<

  3. Shelly Says:

    Oh no, I’m always afraid of text messages like this. My phone automatically shows me a list of “recently sent” to choose from so I’m almost always choosing the wrong person first — then scrolling back through to get to the right person. T_T PHONES, arg. LOL its difficult to have a relationship like that where everyone’s unsure of whether one person wants to hang out with the other, etc etc. I just try to stay out of things like this — although I think this might make me that “wrong person” for most people. XD

  4. Moni Says:

    lol im so confused now lol, but Its true how cellies are used so much for texting, believe it or not, me and my husband text more than talk on the phone! Crazy isnt it? I think its also because work into play and many people just find texting one another much easier than actually talking. Dont know why that is, but its become that way =/ sucks na. ANd yes Im trying my very besttttttessttt to Fast lol so im doing like practice days of staying hungry before i do the real thing haha

  5. Ashley Says:

    Aw man, that is such an awkward situation to be in, although you’re right it could have been much worse. You really weren’t that mean, it was kind of an ambiguous statement so even if they did take it the wrong way you could save your ass fairly easily.

  6. Katarina Says:

    I have sent personal text messages to the wrong people before, which ended up causing humongous fights, or a lot of explaining. >_< It's one of the most annoying things I have to do. I've also gotten texts meant for someone else, and they sometimes make things awkward. I've gotten a few about me that were supposed to be sent to someone else. That kind of made a fight happen, and ruined a lot. People need to start using the phone more often, not just the texting part of the phone. Right? LOL.

    There's a lot to look forward to in the future, but I think I'm not looking forward to some things that will make life a hard, complex thing that I don't want to deal with. But, oh well, I'm getting older anyways and I think I'll be a-okay! :D

  7. Tina Says:

    That must’ve been awkward xD I don’t envy you for this situation, but you’re right – it could’ve been worse. Like that woman who sent a sexy note to her husband, but it was to a guy with the same name on her contact list. His wife read it and went wild, lol.

    I love texting, I bought my QWERTY-phone for that sole reason.

  8. Tamara Says:

    Oh wow! This is beyond comical, but very sad in a way. I have done such things in the past, but luckily no names where involved so I was able to sidestep the awkwardness and didn’t have to do damage control.

  9. Meg Says:

    Oh god, that’s like my worst fear. I’d probably say something 10000x more awkward, though!

  10. Gabi Says:

    I hate when that happens. I just hate wrong numbers period. One time I sent a long text to my friend asking for help on homework and some old lady called me back saying she didn’t have texting and that I shouldn’t send her anything. Whoops.

    It wasn’t that bad though. I wouldn’t be too worried about it unless Wrong Person is really sensitive.

  11. Luna Says:

    I just hate it when I send a text message to the wrong person. It happened to me a lot of times before because I was busy watching TV while texting, fail much. :| But then again, what you said in the text was not that awful. =P So it’s okay. And I think Wrong Person will not take the message seriously. ~huggles~

  12. Chiui Says:

    Wait, what? XD Mind = blown.
    Well, I once sent a message talking crap about friend 1 to friend 2. I sent it to friend 1. -____-

  13. Asmiya Says:

    LOL I’ve done something like that once. I sent a text message to a wrong person. xD But what happened to you has never happened to me. I guess that must have been embarrassing. This is why I usually try not to talk about other people via text messages. :P

    Haha thanks! ^_^ Not really, we only had a few weeks of school. But we got SO much homework, it was horrible. D: We have gotten a lot of holiday homework too.

    I guess a guitar is easier to play than some instruments, but still I found it really tough at first. But yeah, we can definitely teach ourselves! :D LOL me too.

  14. Deanna Says:

    That sucks! I personally don’t text often. I usually only use my phone for calling. I’m not a big phone person in general.

  15. Keng Says:

    you know, it’s still possible to mix up PTWSTG and WRONG PERSON even if you’re calling them, as long as you’re convinced that it was the other party you were calling and blurted out stuff as soon as he/she said hello. or wassup. or yo.

    i’m just saying.

    also, text messages ftw. hahahaha XD