storebrand cookies are actually great

August 24, 2010 - 7:55 pm 22 Comments

i’m responsible for desserts at a gathering-type event this saturday. responsibility is a disconcerting concept on its own, but i’m accountable for desserts here. desserts.

dessert = awesome stuff = i’m responsible for awesome stuff. QED by the transitive axiom of equality. i’m fully aware that this is why we should value mathematics.

let it be known that in life, i don’t usually follow rules and guidelines too faithfully because 1) spontaneity is the spice of life and 2) it’s easier my way. so in baking world, impulsively choosing to follow or not follow the recipe is not the greatest recourse if making something digestible is the goal. which, yeah, it is because digestibility = awesome stuff. and since i’m unbelievably prone to misfortune and mistakes, i decided to do a trial run so that come saturday night i don’t have to rush to a nearby grocery store for storebrand chocolate chip cookies because i’m pretty sure that if i leave this to the last minute, there’s a high probability that i’ll just manage to burn sugar, and i’m above serving burnt sugar.

recipes i tried yesterday were for cheesecake and cappuccino crunch bars, both of which i would recommend if you like cheesecake and bars of sugar. i will admit that my friend did most of the work, and my only major contribution was deciding that sifting flour can’t be that important, so there was no sifting of flour (which i actually think might be marginally important). my next major contribution was letting the cappuccino bars cool for about forty minutes instead of refrigerating for several hours, which just made things very gooey… probably because it didn’t cool.

but i wanted to eat them.

this is a bowl of granulated sugar and multiple sticks of butter.

this a bowl of granulated sugar and multiple sticks of butter with a crapload of brown sugar added on top of it. so, yeah, i was pretty disgusted while making this, because i was just staring at a bowl with several cups of sugar and sticks of butter. but then it became delicious, and my appetite decided that heart attacks are overrated.

this is the cheesecake, naked. i think eventually there will be some form of chocolate on top because chocolate wins. i don’t know, or maybe sliced fruit will make the fact that it’s essentially cream cheese + butter less artery-clogging-inducing?

22 Responses to “storebrand cookies are actually great”

  1. Courtney Says:

    This looks wonderfully delicious!! *O* I don’t know what you’re talking about. Bars of butter wrapped in sugar are one of the world’s best combinations. Is it time to make Christmas cookies yet??

  2. Katarina Says:

    You have succeeded in making me literally laugh out loud :D. Your sarcasm has made my day, Connie <3. Thank you very much.

    Though I’d have to disagree: bars of butter coated with sugar to induce artery-clogging is the best kind of butter ever :D. If I wasn’t as young as I am, and so afraid of dying prematurely, I would probably each butter with sugar on top all the freakin’ time. I’m just messing around here, though, because that’s disgusting, and the butter and sugar need to make something awesome before they can be digested. I believe I am correct.

    :D These look majorly good though, and I would definitely love to try these recipes. Yum Yum!

    I just had 4 tacos – “breadcrumbs” makes me want to throw up ATM Dx. *dies*

    Now my ghost is finishing this comment.

    Thanks for your questions! :D Wow, you asked 4! *is happy* I’ll answer them all in my next blog entry, including the “Who’s yo daddy?” one. But I’ll answer it with a completely off the wall answer: MySpace Tom. Oh. Yeah.

    P.S. Thanks ;D. It took all of 2 hours to think up.

  3. Meg Says:

    Mmm, that cheesecake is adorable and delicious looking and I want some. If it were me, I might just leave it like that because I think cheesecake (along with most things in life…actually, no, that’s not true) is better naked. I mean, white chocolate red velvet caramel raspberry caramel macadamia nut cheesecake = NO. TOO MUCH. Just too much.

  4. Lizz Says:

    haha yeah, not following directions for desserts, usually leads to disaster. At least the recipe wasn’t “sugar + butter + shortening” like most of my grandmother’s old desserts. The cheese cake looks delish. I never though of making them in muffin pans, I will have to try this with my oreo cheese cake recipe. Also, you should let your friend get a spice rack. They’re so nice! :D

  5. Shelly Says:

    …”and i’m above serving burnt sugar” – That line made me smile. Thanks Connie for that! And this DELICIOUS post, its a great addition to my daily browsing of foodporndaily haha. Cappuchino crunch bars sounds absolutely delicious. I like to cook but I’m actually not much of a baker. Then again, it may be because I’m really picky about the types of sweet that I’ll eat. Looking at all that butter…*sigh*

    In reply to your comment though – about the eye-contact thing…I don’t know, eye-contact has always been a really mysterious thing for me. I think eyes reveal so much emotion and details about people that they aren’t saying or showing through body language that its so easy to just be sucked in and suffocated by someone else if you stare too long. Sometimes I look at a person’s eyebrows just so it looks like we’re making eye-contact to others haha.

  6. Cat Says:

    That looks tasty! I like having some sort of fruit sauce drizzled on top of cheesecake. I love making my own desserts and frosting, but man, it really makes you feel bad when you’re putting in a lot of sugar and/or butter. At least it tastes good in the end =)

  7. Julie Says:

    I love your writing style. :)

    Those bars look good, but I hear you about feeling gross while making stuff like that. I feel the same way each time I bake something!

  8. Katarina Says:

    OMG, you’re a genius! :D “Learn About Katarina Blog Day.” That’s, like, such a good name…LOL. I should have thought of that myself >_<.

    I try not to eat out too often, since it's A) expensive, and B) lots of fattening food. Plus, I'm trying to eat healthier…D;.

    Lamb? WTH xD. I've never heard of someone enjoying lamb. My dad used to eat lamb as a kid – by force, from his parents – and he said he hated it with. With his words of wisdom, I refuse to try it :). LOL.

    I think I like having a blog about my life more than an art/food blog. You’re right – they’re too demanding. :) Sometimes I don’t know what to blog about at all, and this is when I have to force blogs. And, those blogs are usually the sarcastic, ranting ones. xD

  9. Shiri Says:

    Yummy cheesecake! I just woke up and I am feeling HUNGRY and then you show me a pic of that delicious cheesecake :P Not fair! I have to start baking :D

  10. Leslie Says:

    LOL i have to say, all that butter looks DISGUSTING. I wonder if there is an awesome low calorie, less gross looking butter recipe…. Probably, but I am too lazy to search of it. I believe sifting of the flour removes any clumps of flour so I usually did it when it says to do it.

    Have you decided on which recipe?

  11. Kitty Says:

    NOMNOMNOM! I think that cheesecake would look (taste?) nicer with cocoa powder or as you said, sliced fruit. Like this image:


    I did gave the guy dirty looks. Unfortunately he didn’t see what I was doing. Meh. You’re right. People don’t just become assholes instantly but hopefully I won’t have to see any of his other assholey acts in the future.

  12. Krystal Says:

    OOO the cake looks yummy. I love cheese cakes. I’m really rubbish at cook anything, especially cake making. Well done for making that cake :D Hope your guest will love the cake.

  13. Schuylar Says:

    The cheesecake looks delicious, xD. Even if I’ve never liked cheesecake at all, :p. If I were in charge of dessert, I’d probably create a huge a$$ mess in the kitchen and still not have good-tasting desserts, ;D. Yeah, I’m a failure when it comes to baking, (x.

    I like shopping with people my age (and not my parents’ age) because we wouldn’t rush each other, and would just give one another the time to browse through everything. I usually browse a whole lot more than I actually buy, xD. Some things look cute, but then you try them on, and it’s like, “Whoa. Ewh. No way.” :p.

  14. Keng Says:

    i am kind of saddened at the fact that if things had gone according to plan, we would’ve been hanging out like it was the most natural thing ever already.


    that cheesecake looks delicious, did you scarf it down once you were done taking pics?? lol. (that is totally something i would do, btw) i love fruits on cheesecake, so i’m voting for fruit! although i’ve recently found that a bit of semi-sweet chocolate tastes awesome, too. :D

    (also, my cousin’s wedding would’ve been on sat, too, sadfaaaaaaceeee)

  15. Minna Says:

    Looks lovely, I eat anything that tastes like coffee. I probably would eat even your cool bars :-) I kind of wish I had energy to bake some myself right now!

    Good luck tomorrow :-)

  16. Asmiya Says:

    Okay, you made me really hungry now because I’m fasting. :P Like you said, dessert=awesome stuff. And I love eating awesome stuff. XD

    I really want to try those recipes some day. I’m not a great cook but still..:P

    The cheesecake looks delicious. *drool*

    Thanks for the suggestions! I’m gonna try those bands out. I’ve been wanting to try Radiohead out anyways. :) lol. You know, it’s got a scrobbler that automatically scrobbles the songs that you listen to your profile. And you can also try out similar artists with its radio feature. :)

    Hehe yeah. That song is pretty cute. I used to have a crush on both Nick and Aaron Carter so at that time, I found the song soo cute. :D Hehe I’m definitely going to try out Billy Joel. :P Especially Uptown Girl. Most people I know dislike Westlife but I still love them. I do find it disappointing that a lot of their songs are covers, but I love them anyways. I have a few songs of NSync but I don’t really listen to them much. I really like Backstreet Boys. :) I also like Blue and Boyzone.

  17. Chiui Says:

    how dare you make me salivate in real life :Q___ omg yes heart attacks are overrated so eat on~~ uhm i hope no one blames me if something happens..
    I can’t bake at all! D:

  18. Gabi Says:

    I am the exact same way with baking. Seriously, no matter how many times it goes wrong, I don’t follow the recipe. I always think I could get away with replacing ingredients or switching up the amounts. With cookies I always seem to leave out the baking powder because I could never find it. It makes the cookies really hard. D:

    That cheesecake thing looks soo good though. I have a major sweet tooth. If sugar wasn’t so bad for health, I would never eat anything savory or nutritious again.

  19. Tina Says:

    Thank you for this great, light-hearted post, you made me smile so bright on a lazy day. I don’t particularly like cheesecake, but this made my mouth water up.

    I haven’t baked in a long long time. My parents feel that I waste money because I’m so bad in the kitchen that I ruin the ingredients, so I’m not allowed to cook or bake, lol.

  20. Pam Says:

    I agree, I think 80% or more of the world’s population are incredibly self-centered and only look out for themselves, unfortunately. We’re all guilty of it sometimes but like you say, she could have at least let me know.

    Haha yeah, my brother is fine. Just one of those funny-at-the-time things. xD

    OM NOM NOM I love cheesecake, it’s my favourite dessert hands down! Looks like you did it justice, it looks very tasty! :P

    I’ve never had cappuccino crunch bars but they look very yummy too! Even if they are gooey, haha.

    I crack under pressure too, mainly why I don’t do anything big or important. xD I start to get all wobbly and nervous… I’ll have to work on that..

  21. Swetlana Says:

    Hey! :)

    I won’t really stick to the recipe most of the time I bake something either. Or, I will use everything they tell me to use but I never use a scale to measure things. I just use how much I want and try to get it as close to the information on the recipe as possible. xD

    I actually really like baking too! Especially cookies for christmas! Sometimes my brother helps me (which isn’t really that helpful in the end, but what ever).

    I hope things work out perfectly (or worked out?) when it times for your baking!

  22. Trisha Says:

    Wow, that looks really good. :9

    My mom always yells at me ’cause I don’t precisely measure things, but they always turn out pretty well. Plus, I don’t really care. :D

    I feel like I gained 5 pounds just looking at those pictures.