batman was not funny

August 7, 2010 - 3:15 pm 6 Comments

so right now, a trio of very small, spiraling dots keep floating from the top of my vision and disappear when they reach the bottom, kind of like how a scrolling screen saver stops when it runs out of monitor space. and it surprises me every time, so i close my eyes for a few moments, feel better, reopen my eyes, and see spiraling again.

i don’t take hallucinogens, but i did just cook a lot of chicken and corn (and tomatoes! yum), so deductive reasoning tells me that they are the reason for the weird tripping.

i watched 1408 and american psycho for the first time last night. 1408 is your standard horror flick, but my friend fell asleep during american psycho and therefore left me mentally alone during a very strange movie. like, i really wanted to say something during the scene where christian bale is trying to feed an ATM a cat, but my friend kind of just snored really loudly in response and rolled to his other side. really, how am i supposed to process the movie if no one’s going to talk to me?

and my talking was ok because he had already seen it.

plus, he was sleeping.

i don’t usually recommend movies since people tend to have extremely distinct tastes in them, but i will say that american psycho is funny because it’s from 2000 (WHOA, that’s so ten years ago), and christian bale is just funnier as a psycho than batman. also because he has a lot of 90s hair.

6 Responses to “batman was not funny”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Scooby, the classics :P Chicken and corn is delicious! Tomatoes can be the reason for spiraling dots :O! Movies from decades ago are still fun to watch :). It isn`t burned out like how the movies are now :O!

  2. Colette Says:

    I hate it when you watch a movie with friends and they end up falling asleep, leaving you on your own. XD So much for movie night!

    I have not watched those movies, and i really don’t know if i will lol unless if somebody drags me into this :P

    About me podcasting… that would not replace me blogging as usual, it would just complement it and add diversity. :) Maybe i should sing too? hahaha jk.

    How have you been? I think it would be cool to have a chat session someday :)

  3. Ash Says:

    OMFG. I used to wonder why I used to see those spiralling dots too. I used to ask my dad, and he used to think I was crazy. He encouraged me asking him the weirdest of things, but this caught him off guard. Whenever I stare at the window of my dad’s car, these dots appear. Crazy! Wow, I never knew tomatoes could be one reason. I just had two of them. :D

    Hahaha, I like watching horror if I’m with some friends. That way I can pass comments throughout the movie. That was sad though, your friend slept in the process. Well, I love watching normal movies alone, except for horror that is. :P

    I know! I always loved being a 16 year old KID. :)
    Spongebob rocks, no matter what. I just love him. :) I recently saw a t-shirt with him printed on it, and I swear I wanted to wear it that instant. Thought of buying it, but mom thought it was too kiddish. Argh. I wish she read my blog post. ‘_’ :D

  4. Meredith Says:

    I;ve never seen either of those movies, but I’ll have to look into them sometime :) I wouldn’t be able to watch a weird movie by myself, I’d need to question it to someone :P haha

    Yeah, I think people tend to be different offline from online because online you can choose who you are. no one knows your past or such, and its easier to fake things because you can’t really see the facial expressions and such. it sucks my sisters friend turned out to be annoying :P haha

  5. Meg Says:

    You must be less annoying to watch movies with than I am, because I would not let anyone abandon me during a movie to sleep. I mean, hanging out with me > sleep. Clearly.

    Not related, but I really enjoyed reading your “This I Believe” speeches, and I’m right with you on awareness and considerateness. We had to write one of those speeches/essays in English my sophomore year, and I actually wish we’d done more.

  6. Krystal Says:

    Chicken & corn is yum yum.

    Not a big fan of horror movies because I usually have nightmares afterwards. I tend to avoid psychology films as well because I end up completely over thinking it then dream about it!

    2000 was 10 years ago…wow felt like yesterday that it turned 2000.