he actually could have been fifty-five

August 6, 2010 - 12:24 pm 4 Comments

the other day, i was waiting by my lonesome at a bus stop.

oh, i also want to add that i didn’t want to pay for parking, so i scoped out a neighborhood that’s, erm, “relatively” close, and parked there. i got out of my car and walked for about ten minutes, getting ever so close to the stop, when suddenly, i couldn’t remember if i locked the car. i then stood on the street for at least forty seconds thinking “yeah, i probably locked it because i can’t be that dumb,” then “… well, ok, i can be that dumb, but who’s going to go in the car?” and then “haha, it sure would suck if the car wasn’t there when i got back” and after, something like “i bet today’s the one day where some random stranger wants to exact revenge and will take it out on the first car he sees which will indubitably be mine,” so then finally, i decided i had talked to myself for long enough. and i walked all the way back, as a good girl should, so that my mother can at least feel like she hasn’t totally failed (no, really, the whole time i was thinking how i’m going to have to tell my mom that the car was stolen because i didn’t lock it. actually, that story just doesn’t sound like it’ll get me good street cred with anyone – “oh yeah, my car’s windows were completely shattered when someone broke into it.” and i’ll have to say, “yeah, someone wiped my car clean because they just had to open the door.”).

so, scene: connie’s sitting at the bus stop (after walking twice as much as she needed to, of course). i can’t figure out how to phrase what then followed into a scintillating tale because i was mostly just creeped out at the time. therefore: while i was waiting, i saw some forty-year old man come running from across the street towards the bus stop. he then quickly sat down right next to me, introduced himself as the guy from the gas station across the street (classy), handed me something that resembled a business card (gas station attendants have business cards?), and asked me to grab coffee with him.

arrgh, just …ew. i don’t know why i’m so grossed out, but really here – maybe if i could have shown you a photograph of him. he was older (and skeevy), i was still teenaged and simply trying to get to another location via public transportation (go green). is it appropriate to pursue little, eco-friendly girls at the bus stop?

the answer is no.

4 Responses to “he actually could have been fifty-five”

  1. Meredith Says:

    LOL. Wait, did you lock the car or not? I couldn’t really tell from the blog.. but it would suck if you walked all that way for nothing :P

    The old man just sounds.. creepy. They should really start to realize that they aren’t teenagers anymore, and need to stop hitting on young girls before they get arrested for it or something.

    Thanks :) I think it was one of my favourite designs I’ve done for this project so far.

    And yeah, they do suck.. but that still doesn’t stop it from feeling like my fault :( He’s flat out told me that it’s not, yet it still feels like it is.. Maybe that’s why i keep trying to fix it, but idk..

  2. Courtney Says:

    Ugh!! Creepo!!! >0<

  3. Courtney Says:

    PS, I always lock my car but always forget if I have or not.

  4. Georgina Says:

    What a creep! I would have been freaked out as well if a guy approached me like that. I wouldn’t want to be hostile though, so I’d probably just say ‘no thanks’. They might think I’m scared shitless if I ignore them.

    Next time have earphones! ;D

    My mum is always like that when she parks the car. We walk to the shopping centre and shortly before we walk through the doors, she says, “errr did I lock the car?”

    I’m a little glad I don’t have my own car because I probably would forget. I noticed that my boyfriend is the same. :P I think the same thoughts would be running through my head though!

    Lindt is pretty damn expensive. I love their chocolate a lot but sometimes I just turn my head, knowing it’s just too costly. I don’t think their stuff is worth all the money. Too much chocolate makes me sick anyway.

    I have a job but I can’t stop myself from being stingy. A lot of the time I put money in the bank as soon as I get paid. Some of my friends feed off their parents… I frown at that though. Still, they are lucky because their parents don’t seem to mind.