hidden cameras are so tricky

August 10, 2010 - 4:43 pm 23 Comments

my cousin’s wedding is coming up at the end of this month, and i’m really excited because that means i have to go shopping (as in, i must do it, and anything otherwise would be wrong). i stopped by the mall last week to browse the possibilities and decided to take photos, just so i could post them on here and ask for your opinions. oh, and i also e-mailed my sister the pictures and her replies were (first) “oh yes i do like them” (and right after) “this is what you do in the dressing room?”

… yeah.

i haven’t been to a wedding since i was a wee child (ok, i think i was twelve. does that still qualify as wee?), so i’m not positive on how appropriate these are. i question their formality, but my sister says they’re all fine.

dress #1 front

dress #1 side

dress #2 side

dress #3 side

dress #4 side

i was twenty seconds away from ripping myself out of that first strapless dress (à la the incredible hulk) because i couldn’t get it off! for some reason, my chest likes giving me a problem nearly every time i want to go strapless, and i had to stomp around and jump up and down trying to slide that thing off of me, almost to no avail. i was honestly thinking about tearing some seams to get some reprieve, but i got really tired at some point, and with the dress bunched up all around me, i rested against the wall momentarily when i saw a sign that said the dressing room was being monitored by same gendered personnel for security.

aw, shit.

so then i was thinking how it sucks that i have to pay for a dress i only got to wear once in a dressing room because i am definitely going to have to rip it off, and the same gendered personnel was going to see this (after she witnessed my crazy tantrum, no less)… or i could call for help. but since my pride said that i didn’t need someone to help me undress, the only option left was property damage, clearly.

but because i was also taught that quitting is for the weak, i summoned one last burst of energy, and then i was magically liberated!

wow, i have enough brawn to get out of a dress.

what kind of superhero does this make me?

23 Responses to “hidden cameras are so tricky”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Hello. :) This is the first time I visited your website. XD I love your layout, by the way.

    Haha, I know, right? They should just keep the old version. Yeah, hopefully they’ll turn back to the old one.

    Haha, me too. :D Oh, you should take a picture of your bunk bed. XD For some reason, I love climbing up to the bed. Mwaha. YEAH! That’ll be awesome.

    Congrats to your cousin. I hope she has a great wedding. Haha, I love all the dresses you picked! I love your hair. :D
    The best one I like is the 3rd one with all the circles. (: My second choice would be the last one.

  2. Meredith Says:

    I really like the first dress! It sucks you had so many issues with it though. Are they even ALLOWED to put security cameras in dressing rooms? o.O That seems like an invasion of privacy.

    I can’t wait for the retail therapy. It should be niiiiice. I’m trying to plan some for this weekend :D

  3. Katarina Says:

    I think it makes you the best superhero out there!

    We women suffer enough when it comes to boobs. Our boobs prevent us from cute shirts, cute dresses, cute bathing suits… They make a shirt too flabby if your boobs are too small, and unnatural when your boobs are ginormous. >:O It’s horrible.

    These dresses are adorable though :). I’d take one any time. I love shopping for special occasion dresses, because you can always find the cutest things :). My favorite is the one with the blue-ish polka dots <3.

    I have a Twitter, and I use it all the time, but I also have a personal Facebook that I use all the time as well. The blogging world is more personal, but you also can't update it every 5 or 10 minutes with "Ohmygosh I just saw the most gawjuss pair of shoes!” so that’s where I prefer social networking (I WOULD NEVER TYPE LIKE THAT!!!!).

    Your friend was crazy to do that! Who knows who he was actually friending xD. Creepy axe murderers? Juuust kidding :).

    Thanks for your comment! <3 

  4. Nancy Says:

    Its gummies :P. It doesn`t feel like real licorice :O! I couldn`t get past a level once, and I just decided to -cheatcode- my way out :O!

    You look cute in all of the dresses! I just assume that the sign is there to scare us. But hey, at least you got the dress out :)! That makes you a superhero that doesn`t give out! :)!

  5. Ashley Says:

    OMG I LOVE the second dress and the last dress. I also like the 3rd dress, but the second and last are my favorites. They’re so pretty and elegant.

    LOL jumping up and down trying to get out of a dress, that’s hilarious! I can’t believe they have someone monitoring the dressing rooms. I’ve never been to a place that did something like that, seems like way too much of an invasion of privacy. I’d be nervous.

    I’m sure they were entertained by your performance though. haha.

  6. Krystal Says:

    OMG I love the green/brown polka dot dress. I would have totally bought that dress, because it can be wore during the day as well. It’s pretty casual. Well I’m a big dress fan so I love love dresses. Which one did you pick in the end?

    It’s so hard at the moment, cooking cleaning etc all after work. I don’t even have time for myself anymore. I’m really not looking forward to life with children!

  7. Georgina Says:

    LOL. Man, I admire your daringness to take photos in the change room. Frick, I love the spotty dress though. Completely fell in love, and I think it looks good on you too. :D

    I just hate strapless dresses sometimes, mostly because if I don’t use fashion tape, I will have to keep pulling the dress up. Not to mention I don’t have any more strapless bras because I grew out of my old ones, geez.

    I haven’t been to a proper wedding since I was 11 – and I don’t think that was proper either; it was for my school teacher’s wedding. <3

  8. Bella Says:

    Oh my. I’m telling you right now – you have a blog entry that i ENJOYED reading. Like, really enjoyed it. I think it’s just the tone you use with your words.

    In anycase, I favour the last dress, followed by number 3 & 2 (relatively equally). Not a fan of the top one, and clearly you have the OPPOSITE problem I have. Mine always fall down, and the thing is – I DONT have small boobs… Maybe i’m just paranoid it’s falling so I always pull it up even when it’s not necessary :/ No clue.

    Anyway, thanks for the US city suggestion! I’ll look into it when planning my trip around North America :]

  9. Chiui Says:

    that happened to me (except there was no one monitoring the dressing room). yeah but once youre break from the chains of a strapless dress, it’s like OMG i’m free~ i could do whatever i want~ kind of thing. sweet, sweet freedom <3

    uh but i dont take pics in a dressing room hehe. maybe once. because my sister wanted to, so she took it. not me.

  10. Shiri Says:

    I absolutely love all of the dresses! They suit you so well! I sometimes take pics in the dressing room when I’m not sure if I should get something or not..especially if the clothing is expensive and not “everyday wear”.

  11. Swetlana Says:

    Hey! :D

    You’re actually kinda lucky that you didn’t have to deal with all that stuff!

    Those dresses are all really good to wear to a wedding – especially if you’re just there as a guest and not as bridesmaid or something like that. Don’t worry. :) I’d probably react the very same way your sister did. xD

    I think the second & third dress look the best on you. I especially like the second one, it’s really cute.

    LOL! Glad you managed to get out of that dress in the end! And omg! xD I think I would’ve freaked out a little bit more after reading the sign that said that the dressing rooms were monitored by someone. xD

  12. kibumie Says:

    I hate it when that happens too T_T The second and third dress looks pretty awesome on you :D

  13. Abbie Says:


    A wedding! That sounds fun :) I wish I could go to a wedding. I always wish I could shop for a dress to wear to a wedding.

    All of those dresses seem formal enough to me, and they are all adorable.

    I have to say, despite your struggle with that strapless dress, it is my favorite out of all of them. I’ve had problems like that before. I admire you for your determination and perseverance :) I’m glad you finally got out of it!

    I would have strangled the store owner. Well, maybe not. I just can’t stand the idea of a hidden camera in a dressing room. It’s kind of creepy and violating.

    I love your layout :D

    Ted Dekker writes suspense novels. He’s truly amazing. Thank you!

  14. Gabi Says:

    I’ve never been to a wedding. I hope the first one I go to isn’t my own. That would be strange.

    I really like the second dress. The other ones are pretty too, but that one stands out.

    Gah, I hate when clothes don’t come off in the dressing room! I tried on this funky shirt with all this wrapped, draped fabric once and ripped it because I got all twisted. I just left it in the room and walked out quickly. Isn’t it a little unethical to have people watch you change? Just because they’re the same gender doesn’t mean they’re not a creep.

  15. Kitty Says:

    That dress is so nice! I’ve never worn a strapless dress before so I have no idea how it feels like. That’s quite a determination you had there to get yourself out of the dress.

    I don’t like attending weddings, especially if I don’t know the couple personally.

    I think I’m gonna forgo the iPhone for now. I’ve set my eyes on another phone, the Nokia N97 Mini. XD

  16. Deanna Says:

    The dresses all look appropriate for a wedding. I really like the second dress the best. I would go with that one if I was you.

  17. Shelly Says:

    CONNIE. This is has a chance of making things awkward but I’m going to say it anyway. I remember your website, I believe I used to visit it back in the day when I still blogged but I don’t remember whether I had uninsomnia.org at the time or not. I apologize if you don’t remember who I am, or if you DO remember who I am lol. ANYWAY, haha because I think I remember you from back in the day I’m going to link you. You aren’t obligated to link back, no pressure =]

    A WEDDING!! Eee, I wish I could go to a wedding. I think the only time that I’ve been to a wedding was when I was around 12 too and I didn’t care about fashion or make-up back then. Lol, I keep asking when my friends are going to get married so I can be bridesmaid. =P I like the second black and white one OR the last black one that you have on.

    Being the security that ‘watches’ the rooms must be awkward or hilarious. XD

  18. Tina Says:

    I LOVE the second dress! All the dresses are appropriate for a wedding, but the second one is really beautiful on you.

  19. Minna Says:

    Oh, I have only been to one wedding and it was one I wasn’t invited to and I didn’t know the person :-) But yes I think they are all ok too :-) I would go with the first and the last. The other two makes me think of cheap dresses you can find at a carnival here :S

  20. Trisha Says:

    I like the last one. :)

    I went to my cousin’s wedding when I was twelve. I was girly then, so I wore a white dress with pink sequined shoes. :X

    Hope you have fun at the wedding. That’s really creepy that they watch you in the dressing room! I can’t believe they do that.

  21. Shola Says:

    The first dress is the nicest.
    What about buying the dress, and returnig it later. That’s what I do. :)

  22. Schuylar Says:

    You get to go dress-shopping! That’s pretty much the only thing I like about going to weddings — you get to dress up, ;D.

    I really, really like that first dress. You look amazing, :D. It’s ashame you had a bad time trying to get it off, |: . I remember the last time I went shopping for a dress (one that made me look t h i r t e e n, not t e n) to wear to my uncle’s wedding. All of the nice dresses were either all gone, or didn’t have them in my size. I would slip the dress over my head only to find that it’s about 1-2 sizes too big for me, which sucked, >..<. They usually slip down way too low and well, yeahhhh. Not something too feel proud of, LOL.

  23. Honeul Says:

    wow, those dresses are pretty amazing, it looks good on you especially the 2nd and 3rd one. The 3rd is my favorite though. I love buying dresses.