see connie run

August 12, 2010 - 9:05 pm 17 Comments
  1. i shared a large plate of nachos today.
  2. then i ate half a plate of waffle fries.
  3. then i took some bites of my hamburger with mushrooms.
  4. they were good mushrooms.
  5. and i was really full by then.
  6. thirty minutes later, i was outside walking in the rain looking for a cafe so i could get some coffee.
  7. but i was really just looking for somewhere to do my business.
  8. but that’s not very noble, so i thought i would buy something.
  9. because patrons can use the bathroom honorably.
  10. so then i got a cupcake, too.
  11. because my friend likes things with purple icing.
  12. and also had to use the bathroom.
  13. and later, i had some ice cream.
  14. at an ice cream parlor.
  15. now i’m really full.

damn, it’s so easy for me to write a children’s book.

by the way, it wasn’t really raining but more of a drizzling. i just think the moral is clearer if it’s raining while i’m looking for somewhere to pee.

17 Responses to “see connie run”

  1. kibumie Says:

    you should publish this with a hard bound cover XD
    LOL.. purple icing?? what was the flavor of the flavor?? blueberry? :D

  2. Trisha Says:

    I just finished eating so now I’m even more full just reading that. XP


    Oh, I replied to your comment. ;P

  3. Nancy Says:

    Food food food! NACHOS! I haven`t ate nachos for a loooooooong time. :P The last time I did, a couple of my friends came and freeload the nachos (Since it was at a fast food).

    Apparently, 110 minutes is too much for “AP Calculus” by itself. It needs to be a double block class :O!!! I`m ready for it. I guess :O! Not too psyche or blegh :)

  4. Katarina Says:

    Goodness, what a complicated day ;). *is being sarcastic* hahaha. Well, at least you ate some yummy foods, and then found a yummy cupcake with purple icing. That’s wonderful! Lol <3. I like cupcakes with blue icing; they're much better…teehee. 

    Oh, you have to go roller skating! Trust me! It’s so much fun, but I highly suggest doing it with friends. It makes the entire experience so much more fun. <3 I will remember that next time…but I'll push them on…"accident." *cough* *COUGH*

    I have seen so many blogs mentioning "Love the Way You Lie." :| I'm like, WTF people??!!

  5. Georgina Says:

    Cute book haha, I can imagine a little picture book with all this!

    All the talk of food made me hungry though. I want nachos… I’ve been craving them big time since someone mentioned it on their blog a few days ago.

    I had lasagne and banana bread and pork buns and chocolate and snack noodles and cookies today. I had more, but yeah. XD

  6. JHOANA Says:

    super cute! =)

  7. Ashley Says:

    LOL that’s quite a food consumption, eh?

  8. Julia Says:

    Well, this made me hungry. And purple icing? That’s oddly specific.
    My friend works in a restaurant too (first job also). She seems to be working a hellova lot, but there are some great characters there – like her Russian boss who calls everyone “Cows!” an always wears a leopard print coat from Anne Summers. Aah people are crazy, in a good way.

  9. Luna Says:

    Haha! Awesome post. =P Made me crave for hamburgers with mushrooms, large plate of nachos, cupcakes and ice creams! Hahaha. I envy you. =P

  10. Tina Says:

    You’re so healthy. Made me crave for food and I just had a very full breakfast, lol.

  11. Leslie Says:

    lol, i hate it when i am walking around and there is no where to pee. The funniest time was when my friend ran into some small cafe and asked to use their bathroom because she had to go pooie. The bathroom in that place was like, not in the back down a hallway but like really close to the patrons and the counters. My friends and I had a laugh about that outside.

    For the dresses from the last post, I think the white, blue and black one is cute. I also like the strapless one but you might not be able to get it off again without ripping it again. I usually like colourful cloths, so I think the black and white one is a little too formal….a wedding is a great opportunity to wear nail polish =D

  12. Chiui Says:

    NACHOS!!! omg nachos forever. it will make my life better. your post really made me hungry for nachos and ice cream :3

  13. Carissa Says:

    Haha, I love your children’s book. ;) It reminds me of people who do poetry like this… just put a line break after every few words and viola. :P


  14. Huma Says:

    Aw that was really cute! Hmm I am suddenly wanting a cupcake now, I haven’t had one in forever!! =D

  15. Krystal Says:

    That’s a lot of food hehe.

    Writting children’s books should be pretty easy because it’s simple and clean with simple language unlike a regular book, where the writer has to use loads of fancy words to make it interesting.

  16. Abbie Says:

    Purple icing! Sounds wonderful.
    Yes, you should write a children book. I want some ice cream…
    Actually, everything you mentioned that you ate just sounds straight up amazing right now. I think I’m hungry. I just ate a bowl of popcorn but it wasn’t very filling.

    I think pikachu is a him. Thank you! A charmander? I’ve never heard of that, but I will do that just because you asked.

    The crab made me happy…

  17. Courtney Says:

    Hahaha! Wait, there was a moral?!