lists are for the awesome (and those who may have forgotten how to construct paragraphs)

September 2, 2010 - 11:25 am 13 Comments

home life

  1. i moved into my apartment on monday night.
  2. i forgot my pillow.
  3. which a number of my friends and roommates also forgot!
  4. but i also forgot my comforter.
  5. which so far no one else has forgotten.
  6. i also forgot a toothbrush.
  7. but i did remember to bring like 593 different bags.
  8. so i know what counts.

school life

  1. my first class of the semester was a 3-hour morning lab for physics.
  2. i had great difficulty adding integers in my head, but that’s what partners are for. adding integers.
  3. i then had organic chemistry after.
  4. there was even more organic chemistry this morning, and i was able to slowly recall what an electron is.
  5. i major in pharmacy, by the way, and i like to tell myself that science can’t really be that important for my profession.
  6. are you worried?
  7. you shouldn’t, because really, what does science have to do with drugs in the human body?
  8. (nothing.)


  1. i’m very sleepy.
  2. i still have three more classes for the day.
  3. and i’ve made a pact with myself that i wouldn’t nap the first week of school.
  4. the first week of school consists of only two days of classes for me.
  5. and i think i might have to break that pact.
  6. soon.
  7. eating all of the cookies i stole (“took what i’m entitled to”) from the dining hall last night and then sleeping would make my stomach and me very happy.
  8. happy thursday!

13 Responses to “lists are for the awesome (and those who may have forgotten how to construct paragraphs)”

  1. Tina Says:

    Pharmacy sounds so hard. I know a handful of people who take Pharmacy and they all sound so smart (and burnt out!). Rest and eat a lot of cookies. :I

  2. Chiui Says:

    I love lists! Haha. Lists are indeed for ze OSM. Looks like everyone’s already starting going back to school. Sigh… I miss university.
    And wow… I’m not good at science (and math)… I’m for arts. For arts alone щ(゚Д゚щ

  3. Ashley Says:

    Cookies sound really good right now with a nice glass of milk. Chocolate chip sounds delicious or Oreos, those don’t sound too shabby either.

    Man forgetting a pillow, computer and toothbrush, that sucks. hahaha, but moving can be really stressful.

  4. Trisha Says:

    Oh gosh, sounds like you’re having a blast. Kinda kills my excitement for college (one year left~). I think I’ll enjoy taking literature and Japanese classes, though. Hopefully. As long as we don’t study Harlem-Renaissance or Thoreau crap…which I’m sure we will…American literature, you know…*lesigh*

  5. Katarina Says:

    Hi, Connie :). Just this morning I was saying to myself, “Hm, haven’t heard from Connie in a while…” Hahah :).

    LOL, this is like the best blogging idea yet xD. It’s totally easy, and fun to read. Lists truly <em are for the awesome. Hell to the yeah, Connie! What’s the difference between “organic chemistry,” and “regular chemistry.” Sorry, but I don’t take chemistry classes…for an obvious reason o_e. Hahah.

    Actually, I didn’t make the layout xD. I won it in a competition so…yeah :). And, actually, I was going for a desk that a writer…writes at. ‘Cos I love blogging so much, y’know. xD Hahah.

    I understand people should know what they’re eating, and how much they’re packing into their bodies, but she should have taken a better approach to it. I mean, tell us what the benefits of eating vegetables over fries are. Or, homemade chicken to greasy burgers. Y’know? I think that would have been much better than shoving calorie information down the throats of self-conscious girls…

  6. Lizz Says:

    Oh man. you’re taking organic chem? good luck! all of my friends said it was extremely difficult. sounds like your first week went good though! :)

  7. Kitty Says:

    Nuu! I can’t sleep without my pillow. Which is why I have to lug it around with me if I’m having a sleepover at somewhere else. How did you forget that thing! XD

    3 hours of lab for Physics? I once had 4 hours of lab work for Physics. Not pleasant at all because we didn’t get a break in between. So how was organic chemistry? I’ve never taken it before but from what I heard it’s pretty much a tough subject. :/


    Languages are fascinating, which resulted in me taking up 2 more languages apart from English. I studied Japanese for 3 years and Spanish for a year before realising that there are just so much languages I can learn in a lifetime and in the end I dropped the two. Shame on me. :)

  8. Schuylar Says:

    Hey, someone has their own apartment now, xD. Whoohoo! Haha, I long for the day I turn 18. My parents say that for my 18th birthday, they are kicking me out. Haha, well, actually, they said that the nice way: “Hun, we’re going to get you an apartment in California when you turn 18. You will no longer be living with us.” LOL, (x. But I’m looking forward to that. No more parents around to boss me around and tell me what to do — wait, those are the same things, lmfao. I’d have so much more freedom, but I’m not planning on taking advantage of that, (: .

    You’re going to major in pharmacy, :D. That’s so cool. My aunt wants me to major in pharmacy when I get into like, college or university or something. I don’t even know, :b. But it seems tough and boring.

    White, puffy clouds are always one of my favorite things, :b. They’re so cute and not like: “BOOM!” Simple, (x. Haha, and Schuy loves simple things! xD. Hehe. Yeah, days coming to an end aren’t ALWAYS necessarily a good thing, :b. ‘Cause sometimes it means having to say good bye to someone. I would hate if I’m spending time with my boyfriend or Bestfriend and the day comes to an end (unless I’m spending the night). That would suck, lmao.

  9. Krystal Says:

    Blogging in a list is totally awesome. I was able to read about your life at the moment really quickly. That’s a cool idea, I might do that for my next entry.

    Nappy is really awesome, I use to nap like everyday during university, but then that’s because I don’t sleep that much at night.

  10. Swetlana Says:

    Hey! :D

    I am thinking about what it would be like to be a mum waaay too much already. xD I can’t wait for those days to come! I’ve never really yelled at him before and it wasn’t really that bad so I guess no yelling was needed. I just kinda ignored what he said once he said it because it was kinda awkward.

    I always have tons and tons of fun hanging out with them! They are just the cutest & most adorable things ever!

    Oh wow! Your major sounds like quite a lot of work! I think I could never do that – especially since it includes quite a lot of science – me & sciene are the biggest enemies! xD

    The first week back to school has always been the most difficult one for me – especially because I had to get back into the going to bed “early” to be able to wake up early. Naps within the first two or three weeks were what kept me alive.

  11. Minna Says:

    Aww I missed those lists :-) Now I remember them! I feel a little like you. Didn’t take long for me to fall asleep during class. Nor to drop the comment “we don’t need this class for the exam, so why are we having it?” :-) Are YOU worried?

  12. Courtney Says:

    LOVE lists!

  13. Marina Says:

    Oh dear, I hope you managed to get your pillows or new ones at least?
    I’ve been feeling very sleepy too but when the night comes, I can’t seem to fall asleep =\