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i ate a pumpkin muffin whilst writing this

October 11, 2010 - 8:28 am Comments Off

yesterday i worked the brunch hours at my school’s campus center (where we serve food… and brunch) and had to manage the table of pastries. and by manage, i mean i eyed down the doughnuts, muffins, and cake and willed people not to take the ones i had already selected to devour when my break came.

yeah, those doughnuts were good. i want to add that they were miniature doughnuts, so eating however many i did probably amounted to one normal-sized doughnut, so this all sounds ok.

i can never seem to update consistently once school starts, so maybe we should shoot for a once a month goal for me. i promise though, i’m legitimately busy this year rather than truly lazy. for one thing, i have one exam every week until thanksgiving. this is no exaggeration! in the last two weeks, i’ve already taken my psychology, organic chemistry, and macroeconomics exams. on this thursday, i have physics, and then next week, i have my psychology exam again, and everything repeats. i didn’t know this once-a-week festival of knowledge was even possible, but …yeah, it’s ongoing. what the hell?

quick updates on my day-to-day life: i sleep moderately (but i think this will change to minimally very soon. probably this week. probably tonight); i study persistently (THIS IS NEW! i never used to study in my life but decided to turn a new leaf this semester. i’ve been seriously rethinking how i might prefer being out all night and morning and just letting my grades fall where they may over studying regularly though. really, the difference between a 60 and 90 isn’t always that big… numbers are numbers. though failing and passing might have very large distinctions…?); i work periodically; i eatttt a lot.

mm… doughnuts.

happy october, everyone!