sweet and spicy chicken habanero

December 14, 2010 - 7:48 pm Comments Off

i’m posting because i’m currently waiting for my friend to finish her studying so that we can hightail out of this building i’ve been hibernating in for nearly nine hours. i found this building on my way to hibernate in a library, but i thought the standalone, trailer ranch looking thing would be more conducive to my studying, so i walked to a door and tried to open it. in reality, the door was just locked, but i thought maybe it was just stuck (and i was freaking cold, yo, so i just wanted to open anything and get me some shelter going on), so i kept pulling and tinkering around when i finally noticed there was a classroom full of people inside. some who stared at me.

but that was nearly nine hours ago, when the sun was still out and about, and now i’m sitting here, waiting in anxiousness to brave the great cold once more and trek a few hundreds of yards (!) to return to the warm sanctum of my apartment.

and then i’m going to order domino’s.

don’t tell anyone, but during my nine hour period of studying, i’ve periodically just left a large picture of domino’s oven baked sandwiches on my computer screen.

and just stared.

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