my name is connie. i used to have extensive pages detailing the awesome subject that is me, but i’ve decided that it’s more fun for you to draw your own conclusions about me based upon what is already written on this website.

that, and this is so much easier than writing new pages.

but to get you started, i hail from the united states of america, where my hometown is in the state of new jersey. by the year 2015, i am supposed to be a licensed drug dealer from rutgers university with a doctorate of pharmacy. i have one sister who is thirty years old and an older brother who is two years younger than her. i like to keep in shape by running in the hopes that it counteracts the exorbitant amounts of food i eat, of which there is nothing that i won’t try once, so long as it’s designed to be tasty and not to just gross me out.

i really like eating chickens.