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lists are for the awesome (and those who may have forgotten how to construct paragraphs)

September 2, 2010 - 11:25 am 13 Comments

home life

  1. i moved into my apartment on monday night.
  2. i forgot my pillow.
  3. which a number of my friends and roommates also forgot!
  4. but i also forgot my comforter.
  5. which so far no one else has forgotten.
  6. i also forgot a toothbrush.
  7. but i did remember to bring like 593 different bags.
  8. so i know what counts.

school life

  1. my first class of the semester was a 3-hour morning lab for physics.
  2. i had great difficulty adding integers in my head, but that’s what partners are for. adding integers.
  3. i then had organic chemistry after.
  4. there was even more organic chemistry this morning, and i was able to slowly recall what an electron is.
  5. i major in pharmacy, by the way, and i like to tell myself that science can’t really be that important for my profession.
  6. are you worried?
  7. you shouldn’t, because really, what does science have to do with drugs in the human body?
  8. (nothing.)


  1. i’m very sleepy.
  2. i still have three more classes for the day.
  3. and i’ve made a pact with myself that i wouldn’t nap the first week of school.
  4. the first week of school consists of only two days of classes for me.
  5. and i think i might have to break that pact.
  6. soon.
  7. eating all of the cookies i stole (“took what i’m entitled to”) from the dining hall last night and then sleeping would make my stomach and me very happy.
  8. happy thursday!