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sweet and spicy chicken habanero

December 14, 2010 - 7:48 pm Comments Off

i’m posting because i’m currently waiting for my friend to finish her studying so that we can hightail out of this building i’ve been hibernating in for nearly nine hours. i found this building on my way to hibernate in a library, but i thought the standalone, trailer ranch looking thing would be more conducive to my studying, so i walked to a door and tried to open it. in reality, the door was just locked, but i thought maybe it was just stuck (and i was freaking cold, yo, so i just wanted to open anything and get me some shelter going on), so i kept pulling and tinkering around when i finally noticed there was a classroom full of people inside. some who stared at me.

but that was nearly nine hours ago, when the sun was still out and about, and now i’m sitting here, waiting in anxiousness to brave the great cold once more and trek a few hundreds of yards (!) to return to the warm sanctum of my apartment.

and then i’m going to order domino’s.

don’t tell anyone, but during my nine hour period of studying, i’ve periodically just left a large picture of domino’s oven baked sandwiches on my computer screen.

and just stared.

the most important part is that i tried

July 26, 2010 - 10:36 pm 9 Comments

ok, i promise.

i spent about the last four or five minutes trying to construct an entry using capitalization, but it’s so hard! i would have rather been doing calculus than writing a blog that followed grammatical convention. and i’m talking limits here. limits to infinity.

but probably not those shitty limits that take a whole piece of notebook paper though because yo, that’s such a waste.

calculus is not eco-friendly.

anyway, back to my problem. i mean, there i was, ready to do what i haven’t been able to do in the last seven years. i was going to begin my sentences with a capital letter! and in this post, i was going on about how capitals on the internet are as much part of my life now as going to the bathroom (very much, my friends. very much), but seeing such properness in my entries was just wrong. in a way, it makes me sad that i’m seemingly incapable of constructing an entry as most of my peers do, and instead, most of my entries still look like the same twelve year old babble i used to write (looks in this case, however, are probably not deceiving).

in the end though, i’m happy this is the way i am. as weird as you have probably guessed i am by now (it’s ok, i’ve already dealed), this is comforting to me. i have changed so much in the last year – out of force and winds from anything but my own will – but it’s amazing that this stayed. here, i’m still not as mature as i once thought – i’m still silly and childish, and i still prattle about stuff that couldn’t possibly be conveyed when written with capitals.

(do you really think someone could write a post about trying to write in capitals, failing, but being relieved because it means she doesn’t feel that old anymore IN CAPITALS?)

(yeah, don’t even pretend like what i just wrote didn’t make 100% sense)

not capitalizing, to me, means immaturity and rebellion, a crest of my fleeting youth.

wow, man.

i’m so weird.

for any new visitors: i’m connie, and was created in 2005, abandoned in 2008, and decomposing so much in 2009 it was almost certainly on its way to becoming some great fertilizer until it was revitalized today. i love blogging because audiences tend to discuss, disparage, or laugh as i try to make my way through life. but most of all, in the end, the readers, acquaintances, and friends that are carried along this crossing make me happy.

PS: i managed to capitalize those rocking headers on my sidebar.

for now.