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pies of the chicken sort

September 12, 2010 - 3:17 pm 10 Comments

it’s chilly out today, complete with rain and wetness! it’s reason for celebration because i am so ready for autumnal weather. though i’m just about to leave to go scavenge for some food, so by the time i get back, i’ll probably be complaining about how cold and wet i am and how this weather sucks, but… that hasn’t happened yet!

the other day, my friends and i made a chicken pot pie because i told them that i’m awesome at chicken pot pie creation, and it looked like good pie weather – kind of brisk and cloudy outside, like the presence of a warm pie and its scent would make the day more satisfying. only just about right after we began preparations, the sun came out, and it got really hot outside, and i had to turn on the air conditioning because the oven was making things uncomfortably warm.


and during the pie extravaganza, a fire alarm sounded right when one of my pots was slightly burning (a little char on string beans and carrots really brings out the flavor, you know), so i had to turn off all of the burners and oven and dally on outside… i think it was just a drill, and there were police officers in the area that came up to anyone to ask “are you from this building? did everyone from your apartment get out safely? ok, cool,” and then walked away. um? isn’t it your job to go in and check who may or may not be burning inside and/or dying from smoke inhalation?


my brother says my presentation needs work, but slices of pie are so 1800 grandmas. chicken and vegetable mixture with crumbled pieces of crust is the pie of today, my friends. welcome to the new age.

storebrand cookies are actually great

August 24, 2010 - 7:55 pm 22 Comments

i’m responsible for desserts at a gathering-type event this saturday. responsibility is a disconcerting concept on its own, but i’m accountable for desserts here. desserts.

dessert = awesome stuff = i’m responsible for awesome stuff. QED by the transitive axiom of equality. i’m fully aware that this is why we should value mathematics.

let it be known that in life, i don’t usually follow rules and guidelines too faithfully because 1) spontaneity is the spice of life and 2) it’s easier my way. so in baking world, impulsively choosing to follow or not follow the recipe is not the greatest recourse if making something digestible is the goal. which, yeah, it is because digestibility = awesome stuff. and since i’m unbelievably prone to misfortune and mistakes, i decided to do a trial run so that come saturday night i don’t have to rush to a nearby grocery store for storebrand chocolate chip cookies because i’m pretty sure that if i leave this to the last minute, there’s a high probability that i’ll just manage to burn sugar, and i’m above serving burnt sugar.

recipes i tried yesterday were for cheesecake and cappuccino crunch bars, both of which i would recommend if you like cheesecake and bars of sugar. i will admit that my friend did most of the work, and my only major contribution was deciding that sifting flour can’t be that important, so there was no sifting of flour (which i actually think might be marginally important). my next major contribution was letting the cappuccino bars cool for about forty minutes instead of refrigerating for several hours, which just made things very gooey… probably because it didn’t cool.

but i wanted to eat them.

this is a bowl of granulated sugar and multiple sticks of butter.

this a bowl of granulated sugar and multiple sticks of butter with a crapload of brown sugar added on top of it. so, yeah, i was pretty disgusted while making this, because i was just staring at a bowl with several cups of sugar and sticks of butter. but then it became delicious, and my appetite decided that heart attacks are overrated.

this is the cheesecake, naked. i think eventually there will be some form of chocolate on top because chocolate wins. i don’t know, or maybe sliced fruit will make the fact that it’s essentially cream cheese + butter less artery-clogging-inducing?