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waiting, expecting, and holding

August 22, 2010 - 10:43 am 15 Comments

hi KENG, friend who has returned to the world of the web! definitely drop her a visit if you fancy entertainment and cheer and whatever else it is that we claim to do in our blogs (…dance? yeah, she dances in her blog).

just to clarify, i don’t do dance.

lately, i’ve been working on soaking up the abating remainders of summer – which is hard work, trust me – but today i woke up towards cloudy skies and a raining outdoors, and it’s like the weather was demanding a lazy sunday. so NO, i will not do laundry today because cleanliness wasn’t meant to be – as per the decision of the clouds, of course. who am i to say no to the weather?

i have about a week until i revisit university life (or it revisits me, rather, because which one of us asked for class to start september 1st?). but right now, i most look forward to walking to class on fallen leaves in brisk nights with crisp air, where i can finally enjoy, again, the idea of hot coffee and warm soup, of hot cider and hot chocolate, and of all other warm liquids that promise to, and strangely enough, succeed, in warming my body and my core. it’s something that comes once every year: that feeling, and those moments – and they don’t ever fail me.

i can’t wait until a winter day, on a sunday morning, where i wake up and see taxed gray clouds waterlogging all that’s outside, and i decide to roll over, and sink further back in the comforter as well as in my slumber, because i’m cozy and secure where i already am.

genesis and after. or whatever

August 2, 2010 - 7:11 pm 10 Comments

i was all prepared to type an entry while i was sitting outside on the grass about five minutes ago, but then a crapload of ants concurrently invaded my personal space and forced me to find safety in a chair. the siege was probably in response to all the loved ones of theirs i killed when i first laid down. because i am big, and they are small, and my butt alone can probably kill at least ten ants when it’s not even trying. (that’s called talent, by the way)

yeah, so now i’m in a chair and hope i’m not adding to my collection of weird tan lines by resting my laptop on my belly, but it’s so comfortable. it’s like the human abdomen was made to accommodate portable computers, and i’ve realized god’s true ambitions. if i ever did believe in a god, he would so start humans out as cavemen – who some day discovered fire, who then recognized agriculture, who later forged society, who eventually built skyscrapers, and then finally made laptops.

for the bellies.

and maybe i skipped some of mankind’s milestones, but i forwent a history major a long time ago, so it’s ok. although i liked it when we invented breakfast burritos. that was cool.