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why don’t we use phones for talking??

August 17, 2010 - 10:42 pm 15 Comments

today i was trying to make plans by sending this text to one of my friends, who we can refer to as persontextwassupposedtogo. or PTWSTG. (those people are right, acronyms make life so much easier) the other person involved can be WRONG PERSON. no acronym needed.

how do you feel about beach with WRONG PERSON? ha. remember you can say no!

and i then went about with my business when i got this text back:

ummm… think that was supposed to go to PTWSTG

aw, come on. i seriously sent that text about wrong person to wrong person? in reality, i don’t think what i said was that awful, but it definitely could have been… nicer. wrong person had called me earlier instructing me to see if PTWSTG wanted to hang out with us, so he was game for including her, but any views about having me there have probably shifted since seeing that sketch invitation… ugh. i’m so silly.