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DOB (not the drug)

January 22, 2011 - 9:04 pm Comments Off

i just wanted to mention that i’m older now (which i’ve always thought was kind of interesting that our society chooses years to measure age because aren’t we technically always older? WEIRD) – by standards of our civilization – in that i am one year older than i was a year ago.

that’s kind of deep, man.

i’m also back in school, and i’m ready to annihilate this semester. trust me. even if getting all A’s this time around will barely dent my dismal academic past, i’m ready to give it all i’ve got.

ALSO, i wanted to add that the nice man who sold me a watch (the present my mother got me this fine birthday) a few weeks ago sent me an email today wishing a happy birthday. and hoping that i enjoy my watch. how nice! it kind of renews my faith in the congeniality of mankind …i hope he doesn’t have some kind of ulterior motive.

that would be sad.

(like selling me more watches or something. because that is not substantiation for the congeniality of mankind. that’s just someone who wants to sell me more watches)

(PS: i know this is categorized under quotidian, which is almost completely wrong. a birthday happens once in a year, but these thoughts i’m having are basically just me – something i hope i’m able to hold on to with each passing year, fragments of my identity)


i ate a pumpkin muffin whilst writing this

October 11, 2010 - 8:28 am Comments Off

yesterday i worked the brunch hours at my school’s campus center (where we serve food… and brunch) and had to manage the table of pastries. and by manage, i mean i eyed down the doughnuts, muffins, and cake and willed people not to take the ones i had already selected to devour when my break came.

yeah, those doughnuts were good. i want to add that they were miniature doughnuts, so eating however many i did probably amounted to one normal-sized doughnut, so this all sounds ok.

i can never seem to update consistently once school starts, so maybe we should shoot for a once a month goal for me. i promise though, i’m legitimately busy this year rather than truly lazy. for one thing, i have one exam every week until thanksgiving. this is no exaggeration! in the last two weeks, i’ve already taken my psychology, organic chemistry, and macroeconomics exams. on this thursday, i have physics, and then next week, i have my psychology exam again, and everything repeats. i didn’t know this once-a-week festival of knowledge was even possible, but …yeah, it’s ongoing. what the hell?

quick updates on my day-to-day life: i sleep moderately (but i think this will change to minimally very soon. probably this week. probably tonight); i study persistently (THIS IS NEW! i never used to study in my life but decided to turn a new leaf this semester. i’ve been seriously rethinking how i might prefer being out all night and morning and just letting my grades fall where they may over studying regularly though. really, the difference between a 60 and 90 isn’t always that big… numbers are numbers. though failing and passing might have very large distinctions…?); i work periodically; i eatttt a lot.

mm… doughnuts.

happy october, everyone!