various commentary on stuff for when you’re bored, as we all so often are.

the book “reviews” are assignments i had to do for high school english, so you can only infer what that means. they’re essentially reactions and reflections i had upon finishing the reads. but every now and then something sensible pops up for air in that familiar sea of too many paragraphs. rare, like a wild chicken sighting in new jersey, but it happens. by the way, since these were written for high school, recall that students generally have to pretend like they actually read the book in question so it makes sense to throw in details that one could only know if she had, indeed, read the book (but whether she really did is a mystery…). so i’m not kidding when i say that any real opinions might actually be lost in these papers, so i’m going to make you hunt.

the essays and speeches are also from high school. my philosophy class had a “this i believe” speech every tuesday and thursday that allowed us to orate on any topic of our choosing, and i’ve included some of them here. any other “work” (read: rambling) i’ve posted was probably something for a workshop or practice purposes. i don’t think i’ve ever wrote an assignment that i thought was truly awesome (read: no kidding here; these are for the bored).


contemporary issues