chapitre deux

um, i want to add that the last few entries from 2009 get pretty sappy, reflective of the time i was going through. i don’t really like to think of myself that way – you know, unhappy, so you might want to skip those if you’re more in the mood for talks of poo and the like.

i’m sure i’ve talked about poo somewhere. you just have to really want it.


09/15/2009: the mistimed
08/03/2009: i think i’m going to be sick
07/28/2009: forbearance
12/01/2008: obvious marks of the well read
11/07/2008: why barack obama is great
10/30/2008: i have no apples
09/08/2008: i don’t know if i can eat yoplait anymore
09/01/2008: i’m pretty much useless
08/28/2008: he needs a name
08/26/2008: switzerland
08/25/2008: california
08/23/2008: nevada
08/21/2008: the preface
07/02/2008: it was a rhetorical question
04/20/2008: lucubration (it looks like lubrication, but it’s not)
04/10/2008: stuff i did two months ago but didn’t tell you about (chapter two)
04/07/2008: stuff i did two months ago but didn’t tell you about (chapter one)
04/06/2008: the return of the jedi (and we know “jedi” is “me”)
01/31/2008: cannibalistic musings
01/22/2008: nothing else needs to be said
12/28/2007: 2007
11/11/2007: give THX (isn’t this in movie theatres?)
11/04/2007: up yours …fool
10/27/2007: a DISEASED blogger writes
10/08/2007: eclat (pas vraiment)
10/07/2007: apples: II
10/03/2007: i would fail english fo’sho
09/26/2007: k’nex
09/21/2007: i think i’ll go back to the articles

09/16/2007: why then, oh why can’t i?
09/13/2007: i should stop watching TV
09/09/2007: if you like gelatin and getting caught in the rain…
09/05/2007: google chat is addicting
09/03/2007: it’s a post about nothing (i miss seinfeld)
08/30/2007: USPS
08/26/2007: the king has been given away
08/23/2007: tuna and gelato
08/21/2007: melons
08/19/2007: hey connie, what’s up? me, i’m okay.

08/18/2007: mean cookies and their abrogation

08/15/2007: somebody’s funny! (TFIMC:V)

08/14/2007: hanging fire

08/03/2007: (don’t pick up) when employment calls
08/01/2007: now would be a good time to fly, minneapolis
07/31/2007: hurried
07/25/2007: i think this is thievery
07/23/2007: aide memoire
07/19/2007: sorry for all the external linkage, but…
07/18/2007: the days are packed
07/17/2007: the divine pamphlet
07/10/2007: guess who didn’t shower today
07/07/2007: inquiries: aquatic and arctic
07/06/2007: backbackback
10/15/2006: arizona, new york, and some dairy cows
10/11/2006: au moins ceci est en francais (est que comment vous dites au moins?)
09/24/2006: heed this apple advice
09/23/2006: the second resurrection (hey, kind of like christ)
09/18/2006: out saving the world, brb!
09/06/2006: it’s not really about greeks
09/04/2006: shortcomings of the phone
09/03/2006: it’s all a game of numbers
09/01/2006: informative crap
08/30/2006: unrequited love
08/25/2006: cake 101
08/23/2006: l’ecole doit bruler
08/22/2006: citrus refreshments and a cup of sugar climate conditions
08/20/2006: city life
08/17/2006: lend a hand
08/10/2006: a renewal and justifying sleep
08/07/2006: the self-licking wonder
08/04/2006: scrapbookING (verbing!) adventure
08/03/2006: badly worded clips of the mind
07/20/2006: hello, i am here to take over the world
07/16/2006: one red paper clip / a tag
07/13/2006: when that invisibility cloak fails, just turn off all the lights
07/12/2006: capital vices and an unbreakable bond
07/10/2006: a newly fresh (!!) beginning